About Us

Since formation, LONDONWIDE has continued to grow, year on year. We essentially attribute this growth to the total commitment of the Company’s staff and Professional Advisors. We aim to recognise outstanding performance of employees at every level of the organisation, and through this recognition instils a level of pride in all work carried out.


Formed in July 2010. The aim of the Company from its outset has been to invest in the UK’s residential & commercial property market. Primarily, the Company acquires freehold properties where angles exist to increase the revenue and enhance capital values. Upon maturity, a property is either retained within the long term investment portfolio, or traded for the benefit of cash flow and profit opportunities.

In 2012 LONDONWIDE formed a merger with BNG Ltd and expanded on its services to include Property Management and Property Maintenance solutions ranging from single services to comprehensive integrated services.

The company portfolio includes many well let investments, with high quality covenant strength and long unexpired terms.

Where appropriate, LONDONWIDE has taken strategic partnerships with other organisations, either for the benefit of their specialist knowledge or to share in a capital intensive project.

The Board of Directors collectively has over 50 years of business, property and investment experience. While the current economic downturn will inevitably bring challenges to the sector, the Company is well placed to see itself through these trying times. Factors that will assist LONDONWIDE are its wide ranging mix of clients as well as conservative gearing ratio.